Thursday, May 31, 2007


Life has been funny of late. Some health issues have slowed me down, and things have been busy at work and at home.

Recently though, I received a call from an instructor I had taken a set of furniture building courses from. He's taught for a continuing education program for 10 years andrecently decided to cease the cont-ed teaching in order to pursue other interests - namely his own woodworking. So, he's selling off some of his tools - the secondary set he's collected that he would bring for student use at his courses. Was i interested in attending the garage sale?

OK.... So i didn't pick up a thousand dollar item for five bucks. But the prices were extremely reasonable - averaging about 1/5 to 1/3 the price new. And he had upgraded some of the items -Hock irons in the spokeshaves and some of the planes (no photo), all the planes have been fettled, and set-up, irons so sharp i had bled for 5 minutes before i realized when i handled something with a little less care than i should have.

I acquired some items that have been on the "nice to have" list, but never get purchased because of the cost. It's amazing though, how fast those $5 or $10 items add up. Spent more than i should have, but picked up some nice items.

Record T5 Technical Jack Plane

Anant A10 Carriage maker's rabbet plane. (I know, it's
like buying a smart car when you want aJaguar.)

assorted goodies (not including a Record 151R
spokeshave with Hock iron, and 2 sets of assorted
carving tools.)

And that's where the pretty stuff stops. I also picked up a Stanley Plough Plane. It's so ugly, Stanley wouldn't even put a number on it. I believe it was the last combination plane Stanly made, coming out of their English factory. The irons appear to be styled after the later No 45 irons with the small single slot. I didn't really need it, but couldn't quite help myself from picking it up either.

Stanley combination plane. No number designation
but I believe the unofficial designation is "fugly".

It did come with a full set of irons, flattened & sharp
enough to cut you looking at them. Notice the lovely
original holder.

Now I just have to find some time to make something. Like perhaps a wooden handle to replace the plastic one on that lovely combination plane ;)