Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mystery.... Steel Soled Wooden Razee Jointers

I recently had the pleasure during a day off, of being able to head down to a small town in the area that has an "antique walk" - a collection of small antique stores scattered throughout its streets. Like the usual antique "mauls", condition and pricing don't seem to have much to do with each other. But amongst the overpriced, completely rusted metal planes, and wooden planes with blown cheeks and cracked soles I discovered a couple of gems.

For the same price that most wanted for their junktiques, I found a pair of wooden jointers (a 20" and a 24") in beautiful condition. Razor sharp irons

I couldn't pass them up. They came home with me. Price tag: $60 each.

However, the planes themselves, have no makers mark. No users mark. They are a mystery to me that I would like to find additional information on. From the type of wood, to the possible maker. Construction of the two planes is almost identical. The only difference I've been able to find is on the back of the wedge - the relief hole for the chip breaker screw is not identical. I am not sure if this identifies it as a user made plane, or if it is a user modification.

The only identifying marks I have been able to find are:
  • Both Chip Breakers: + Robt Sorby Sheffield
  • One iron: Auburn Tool Co., Thistle Brand, Auburn N.Y.
  • One iron: Spear & Jackson, Warranted, Cast Steel

Additional photos:

If anyone can provide any information on these planes, it would be greatly appreciated.


Gye Greene said...

I have a horned/Euro-style wooden smoothing(?) plane with a similar metal sole. Mine appears to be user-installed, though, as it was **horribly** out-of-flat when I got it. (After much lapping, it's now ''kinda flat''.)

So: user-added? Esp. since the maker's marks don't match the body?


Anonymous said...

The matched chip breakers but mismatched irons plus the two piece wood body on one and the metal sole pieces indicate a user made set.

The wood looks like mahogany and does not appear stained so I am guessing but still think home made.

Beautiful work though so likely a galoot to be proud of!

Nanton can be productive, some times!

Dean Chesterman
Edmonton, Alberta